Common Escape Room Puzzles

If you’ve played a few escape rooms I’m sure you have notice a least a few similar puzzles out there. Hopefully it’s not common, but it can happen from time to time. We want to give you an advantage before entering your next escape room. Here is a list of some common puzzles to look out for on your next Escape Rooms Adventure.

1. Search and Find

It may sound stupid, but this is one of the most challenging puzzles in many escape rooms. The key is to be thorough as a group. Double check places that someone has already looked in; you never know they may have missed it. And most importantly, check EVERYWHERE! Under things, behind them, inside (if it opens), check behind a door you just walked through, everywhere!

2. Black light

As escape room owners, we love to use black light, and I think the reasons are pretty simple. It’s interesting to have something hiding to our natural eye/under normal lighting. Changing the lighting in the room with black light makes it feel like a new environment. There are no real tricks for concurring a black light puzzle. You need be thorough, and always check the area/anything that came with the black light first.

3. Cyphers

This is one of the most common types of puzzles in an escape room. They take several elements and breaks them down to one type of code (usually). It can be simply numbers or letters, or a little more challenging with symbols, Morse code or braille. The trick is to slow down and not rush the conversion. This can be tough to do when you’re racing the clock understandably.

4. Physical Puzzles

We find physical puzzles are pretty great! Seeing a task at hand and just jumping into it can be a really fun thing when executed correctly. These are typically easy to solve, but the challenge is the actual execution of the task. These puzzles are typically a turning point for a group in their escape. You can either gain some time by completing the task quickly, or you can fall behind.

5. Senses

We at KeyMasters Escape Rooms, LOVE making people use different senses. Whether it is sight, touch, sound, smell or even taste, we love to make players try to do different things with all their senses. The funny part about it is that most people tend to forget they have other senses when one is so dominant. So be sure to use ALL of your senses even if you think you only have one available to you.

6. Communication

Everyone who has ever played an escape room knows that communication is always important to be successful, but there are also many communication type puzzles. From guiding a teammate through a task they cannot see themselves to providing each other with information they may not have access to in the game. The big tip here is to communicate information you find, but don’t overwhelm (verbal diarrhea as I like to call it) by saying everything you see. Certain things should stand out more than others, focus on communicating those first.


The most important thing to remember when playing an escape room is that MOST (I can’t say all) do not use outside information that the most average 4th grader would not know. Yes, this means from time to time you may have to do some simple math! 🙂

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