Lets Talk Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are very popular right now in North America. But there are still a lot of people who have yet to play one, how could this be?

There are many factors as to why people have yet to experience or truly enjoy an escape room to date. We’re going to break down a few of the most common reasons we have heard from people. These are responses we normally get when we talk about our Escape Room business, KeyMasters Escape Rooms, in Hamilton.

1. The Fear of the Unknown…

This has to be the #1 reason that we hear time and time again. People who have yet to experience an escape room point to this reason constantly. There is this “fear” that it will be scary, claustrophobic, or simply just sudoku puzzles. Another comment is that they can simply solve these puzzles on the computer or at home.

For anyone who has played a truly professional escape room, you know this is not normally the case. I mean, unless you have selected a specific room that is meant to be scary or claustrophobic. Don’t get me wrong, there are some themes that are meant to be just that.

There are MANY themes out there that have no fear factor to them what so ever. For example at our location we have Expelled! (a classroom setting). We also have Santa’s Workshop (guess where that one takes place). Both are a lot of fun and both have no fear (other than a few things that may pop open). We have done rooms all across North America, with themes of a Prison, Western, Sports, one even about Pets! All were a lot of fun and fear free.

2. Being “Locked” in a room

Another common reason we hear quite often is that they’re afraid of being “locked” in a room. This one always makes me laugh a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the feeling of being “trapped”. It’s that I’ve never played an escape room that was truly “locked” with no way of getting out.

At our location in Hamilton, we don’t lock our entry doors. So you always can exit through that door at any time. Even if it’s just to use the bathroom. Another common component used in the industry is a push button. This allows players the ability to deactivate any locked doors in rooms for easy escape.

If you are still uncertain, feel free to call or email the escape room before making a booking. Just simply ask them about their safety procedures in their escape rooms.

3. Disinterest

Far less common reason we hear is that a person simply just doesn’t have an interest in trying one. Which is fine, we get and understand that we are all human (I think). We all have different likes and dislikes. But how can you really say you won’t like something without trying it?

Time and time again we have had customers come play their first room and enter being VERY skeptical. Rightfully so, this is new to you and you’re on the fence, we get that. But more often than not, they leave the room wanting to play another one right away. I have to admit, this is awfully satisfying for us.

4. Playing with strangers

This one I completely understand. I LOVE meeting new people. BUT, I don’t want to be locked in a room with them for an hour right away either. Well, in the Hamilton, Burlington, and surrounding areas, you’re in luck! Most places you will NOT be put in a room with strangers.

That’s not saying 100% of the time, because there are some places that will do just that. Many places in the U.S. do put you with strangers in fact. Usually they are very clear when that is the case though (just double check).

Again, if you’re not sure, feel free to call or email the location before booking.

5. Feeling Stupid

Nobody wants to feel dumb (for obvious reasons). But by not challenging your brain, or learning new things, you can never be smarter. I will admit, the first couple of times you play an escape room, it’s probably going to be difficult. It’s new, it’s different, you’re not sure what to do, where to look. It will be a “feeling out” process of what to touch and what to look for. But, what you will see is you’re thinking a new way. You’ll try a new way of attacking a problem and ultimately learning new skills.

That being said, after doing a few rooms, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel stupid. I’ve done close to 90 rooms now and I tend to over-think things all the time. BUT, I still enjoy every second of the challenge.

These are just 5 of the main excuses we hear quite often, we also have heard:
   – Fear of failure (to truly feel success, one must experience failure)
   – Actors touching me (check the game description, usually there’s warnings)
   – Restraints (each place is different, we always have a safety latch for escape)
   – Too Old/Young (escape rooms are usually good for ages 8+, depending on the game or location)

If you have any questions or concerns you can comment below.
Or feel free to contact us at KeyMasters Escape Rooms in Hamilton, Ontario.
And if you’re feeling up to it, try one of OUR ROOMS!

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