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Prison Escape Room in Hamilton Ontario Poster

The Green Mile

You have entered The Green Mile.
These are your last few steps before your unjust end. You’ve been wrongfully accused of murder, simply by being at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Now, you and your friends are going to the chair.

What’s the good news? You have people who care for you on the outside, trying to help you escape. A plan has already been put into motion, as they have been able to get you transferred to this old abandoned prison. And with 1 hour left, before it’s your time, you need to figure out the trail your friends left behind for your escape.


Recommended Group Size:
4-6 players (Accommodates 2-8 players)

*This room does contain flashing lights that CAN be turned off. Please let us know if you have trouble with any flashing lights, so we can do our best to accommodate you*

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