How early should I arrive for my game?

Please arrive at 10-15 minutes prior to your game start time.
Games will begin exactly at their start times and being late may cause you to have less time to play.

What is the cost of playing?

At KeyMasters.ca Escape Rooms in Hamilton, the cost are as follows:
2-3 Players - $29 (+ tax)
4-5 Players - $27 (+ tax)
6-8 Players - $25 (+ tax)

The deposit is $29 (+ tax), if you bring 4 or more players, you will be refunded the difference upon arrival.

Can I just come by spontaneously?

Do to staffing, we do not have someone always at the Escape Room at all times.
We schedule based on our bookings, which can be made on our website above.

What if there's an emergency?

The door you enter acts as both an entrance and an emergency exit.
You can leave the mission at any time for any reason.

Is it scary?

No. We do not have jump scares or horror elements in our games. All of our games are family friendly.
Although if the theme is based on a scarier idea, then the room atmosphere may seem or look more frightening.

How old do you have to be to play?

There is no age limit. Games are recommended for players that are 16 or over.
Players that are under 16 must have a parent or guardian present to sign a waiver.

I need to cancel, modify or reschedule my booking, what do I do?

Once you have booked a room, we reserve a spot for you.
24+ Hour Notice:
There are no additional fees for rescheduling of games.
You will receive a credit for your deposit for a future Escape Room experience upon cancellations.
Less than 24 Hour Notice:
You will unfortunately be charged the cost of your deposit.

Are there video cameras in the room?

Yes. Cameras are used by the Game Master to monitor your live experience at all times to assist in your quest.

Am I going to have to play with strangers?

Absolutely not! Whatever amount of people you book and bring, that's how many people get to play at once.

Can I be refused entry?

We reserve the right to refuse entry to any group or individual, at our own discretion.
Unruly behaviour, rudeness, staff abuse, intoxication, destruction of property and any toxic behaviour will not be tolerated.